How to use natural products and exercise to relieve muscle and joint pain

Poweroll is very proud to offer a vast range of 100% Australian made naturopathic products that serve as fantastic alternatives to the harsh chemicals and medications typically used to treat muscle and joint pain. Our wide selection of easy-to-use Australian Emu HOT and COOL Massage Oils, long-lasting HOT and COOL Muscle & Joint pain therapy patches, and soothing all-natural pain relief creams has been developed according to extensive scientific research. Specially formulated and laboratory tested to be better for the human body, these pain therapies ensure users experience significantly fewer adverse side effects while reaping the restorative benefits of traditional, natural remedies.

Poweroll's entire collection of carefully curated homeopathic products don't just dull or mask the body's pain – they effectively and efficiently target and alleviate the cause of pain, offering accelerated pain relief when you need it most. Poweroll's pain relief medications can help your body feel better and stronger in an all natural way: these are topical pain remedies that work directly on the affected areas. As painkillers are ingested and work through the stomach, they can pose serious digestive problems and even contribute to increased risks of kidney and liver failure. Our therapeutic remedies can treat injuries such as simple backaches and bruises, muscle strains, joint sprains and even arthritis, offering natural relief without any nasty side effects.

Gentle exercise in conjunction with our various muscle and joint pain therapies can maintain muscle strength and joint elasticity while reducing joint contractures. Poweroll's line of COOL and HOT Emu Roll-On Liniment Massage Oils both contain a unique blend of natural ingredients used to soothe muscle aches and joint pains. Essential Lavender, Capsicum, and Camphor oils in addition to the analgesic properties of Menthol help manage lower back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis. Our non-greasy natural pain relief cream contains Ginger and Wintergreen oil, meaning it's incredibly gentle on your skin while our HOT and COOL Muscle & Joint Patches provide longer lasting pain relief for up to eight hours.