The Top Benefits of Emu Oil & Creams

As an effective alternative to traditional tablets and medications, Australian Emu oils and creams provide a vast number of benefits to your body: when it comes to knee, muscle or joint pain, all-natural Emu oil lotions work wonders in efficiently relieving discomfort – completely free of any nasty side-effects to your digestive system. Joint pain patches and Emu massage oils are applied directly to the affected areas – bypassing your body’s sensitive organs – and are quickly absorbed through the skin: unlike most painkillers, you won’t have to wait on this pain relief medication to enter your bloodstream in order to start taking effect. Australian Emu oils and creams start treating and relieving muscle pain almost immediately, working to stop the source of soreness rather than merely masking its symptoms. They also help to significantly reduce swelling through their anti-inflammatory properties.

HOT and COOL Emu patches, oils and creams offer an array of different benefits: one major benefit of the COOL range is in offering therapeutic treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. These Australian Emu oil medications provide sufferers with lasting relief from arthritic pain that typically presents itself in the form of hot or burning-like symptoms. The HOT range offers increased warmth to supplement the skin’s absorption of this particular pain relief medication: nothing works better to quickly and naturally relieve various joint, muscle, or knee pains – especially in colder areas or during the winter season.

Natural Emu oils, creams, and patches also provide numerous benefits to relatively superficial symptoms such as recent bruising and swelling brought about by sports-related injuries. A massage and compress treatment targets ligament strains while simultaneously reducing stiffness and swelling in muscle tissue – joints particularly close to the skin’s surface (hands, elbows, knees, and feet) are also afforded increased mobility in addition to considerable relief from pain and discomfort.